About Caila

Hi! I'm Caila, and I am a registered dietitian based in Boulder, Colorado with dual expertise in sports nutrition and disordered eating treatment.

After completing my undergraduate degree in Public Health, I attended Boston University where I received a Masters of Science in nutrition. I then completed my dietetic internship at Newton Wellesley hospital just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Once I received my license to become a registered dietitian, I worked in a private practice, specializing in eating disorder treatment and Intuitive Eating, specifically loving my work with athletes who have experienced a history of disordered eating.

Now, I apply my non-diet, Intuitive Eating approach to a population that is near and dear to my heart - athletes. The maintenance of a healthy relationship with food is the foundation of my practice, and something that I seek for every one of my clients, regardless of nutrition history. It is my goal to help athletes learn how to fuel themselves in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable without compromising (rather, improving) their performance.

Aside from talking about food and nutrition for a majority of my day, I am also an athlete myself. I run with The Track Club in Boulder training for marathons and half-marathons. My time is also full of dog walks (with a pup who has more energy than I could ever dream of), making fun, new meals with my partner, Drew, and skiing when the season allows for it. Anything that gets me into the sunshine and allows me to be with friends and family - I'm here for it.

My Philosophy

Eating should be:

Something that fuels you and lets you do what you love

Personalized to your unique needs, such as activity level, type of training, or existing health conditions

Varied on a day-to-day basis based on cravings, activity level, and mood

Based on your body's hunger and fullness cues

A cultural and social activity to share with loved ones

A tool in fueling performance

Eating should NOT be:

Centered around counting calories or macros

Dictated by impersonal fad diets

The same for you as it is for your teammates or family members

Causing stress, guilt, or shame

Something that needs to be earned

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