Performance Lab Testing

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Why is lab testing important?

Consistently testing your lab values can help catch any abnormalities before they become an issue. Deficiencies of certain nutrients or hormones can cause chronic fatigue, increase risk of injury, or decrease power output.  Certain biomarkers can even predict injury and show signs of underfueling or overtraining.

When should I be getting lab testing done?

Leading up to a race

It is recommended to get lab testing done 3-4 months out from race day.  Then, follow up on biomarkers that were out of range 1 month out from race day.

Suspect a deficiency

If you're experiencing symptoms that are out of the ordinary, your care team might recommend lab testing to rule out nutrient deficiencies.

In eating disorder recovery

Many disordered eating behaviors can result in nutrient deficiencies.  You and your treatment team can work together to correct them once we have results.

Choose the testing package that's right for you

All packages include written lab analysis and recommendations

Includes:  Ferritin, hemoglobin, total iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and testosterone

Includes:  "Athlete essentials" plus cholesterol (total, HDL, LDL), triglycerides, magnesium, calcium, glucose, HbA1c, and creatine kinase

Work with me to create a custom test.  Great option for following up on labs that were out of range in a previous test

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What happens next?

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Use Rupa Health's platform to make an appointment at your convenience.  They will assist you in sending your sample back to the lab.

Get your results + written analysis

I will help contextualize your results and provide recommendations as needed

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