Evidence-based nutrition care for athletes



A personalized approach to help you reach your goals

I help athletes understand their nutrition needs in every season so that they can show up to every practice or race and put their best foot forward.

Education for teams, coaches, and active individuals

Presenting on a variety of topics, I provide tools to create safe and healthy environments for athletes.

Tools to prevent injury and correct nutrient deficiencies

Providing an affordable solution for bloodwork, I help athletes get a more precise picture of their health and performance

An all-in-one package to prepare you for 
race day

Whether you're after a PR or looking to minimize GI distress on race day, these tools help take the guesswork out of fueling

I work with people to...

In or out of a training block, it’s important to hone in on your nutrition tools so that when it comes time to ramp up for a race, you have everything you need to know.  From nutrient timing to recovery to Athlete Plates, there are a number of “basics” that every athlete should keep in their back pocket.  With this, our fueling strategies change depending on what season of training you are in, so periodization is something that we will discuss.

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