Race Day Fueling


What's included?

Carb loading calculator

Your needs are unique.  This tool provides a precise range of carbohydrates needed to properly carb load.

Sample carb loading meal plans

Using these plans as a reference makes planning a breeze.

Morning of race fueling plan

There's enough to think about on race day.  Know when and what to eat for success.

Tips for fueling while traveling

Ideas for packable snacks, what to order at restaurants, and more.

Race fueling strategy

Approach your race with a plan for what products to use to fuel and how often to use them.  

Customized plans

If you'd like more support, opt in to the custom package for personalized plans for race day.

  • $125

    Self-led course + live pre-race Q+A

  • $300

    Self-led course, live pre-race Q+A, one 60-minute 1-1 session, and custom race day plans

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